Selected pressreviews

www.autourdugard Autour du Gard, Oliver Bevan, 2008
The German painter, Marie Theres Berger is currently showing in the splendid, crumbling grandeur of the Hôtel des Consuls, rue Dr. Blanchard, Uzès. Her mostly large scale, almost abstract, very gestual flowers provide the best exibition I have seen in this location. She comes very close to a french ideal - serious painting - wich is at the same time decorative... A ne pas rater!

Seven Arts - Philadelphia Vol.3 No.10
Another long-time Philadelphia institution is the Mangel Gallery...
This is the place to go locally for work by Red Grooms and Alex'll also find lush , painterly works by some of our best colorists such as Bill Scott, Jan Baltzell, Marie Theres Berger and Jane Piper, as well as Stewart Shils...
"The Village Voice", New York 1994
...the Prince Street Gallery is presenting paintings by Marie Theres Berger... she combines a bold, strong and colourful palette with decorative and expressionist elements to depict form and space...

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